Camp Millington 2022
Warning Order


Training Camp. Class Rooms/Frontline/Battle Scenario 


The Down Mill



WV16 6RF

What3Words Grid References

Mill location ///diverged.union.half

Site Access 1 ///headline.skills.obstruct

Site Access 2 ///heap.rationing.flamed

Access: Site access from 12:00 Thursday.

Parking: Onsite parking will be in a private field close to Site Access 2

Rally Point If anyone gets lost, set your satnav to the following address

The Down Inn

Ludlow Road


WV16 6UA

Call either Richard D, Marcus or Martin when you're on the car park, we'll direct you in

Uniform & Kit:

M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 Jacket (1st Infantry Division Patch)
Optional Class A uniform
Rough-Outs/ Service Shoes with Leggings or Buckle Boots
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net or without.

Spare Socks

Jeep Cap

Garrison Cap

Wool Scarf
Mess kit and KFS

Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and Carlisle pouch.
Personal Weapon & ammo



Notebook and pencil

Open or closed ender pup tent

Tick Replant

Foot Powder

Spare Socks

Extra Kit needed to complete a number of Scenarios

A spare shelter half/pup tent if you have one, or Poncho/raincoat for shelter building


Hobo Roll

T-Handle/E-Tool/Matlock to dig in

Rope/Para Cord useful

M43 Jacket and/or Cammo (To be used in the battle scenario. Team 1 M41, Team 2 M43/Cammo) 

TL 122 flashlight
Sandbags if you have them

Spare Socks - We'll be crossing a number of streams and brooks

No Jump boots without leggings

No Modern Tee shirts

No Modern gloves

No Modern torches

No E-cigarettes insight

No beards

No visible piercings or Tattoos

No modern watches

No modern glasses
Period correct haircut 

Mobile phones and modern cameras to be used discreetly

All modern equipment (carrier bags, cool boxes, beer boxes, books, food packaging etc) hidden from sight at all times where possible.

Uniform Standard: A couple days wear

Personal appearance: Clean shaven



11:00 Recon force arrive and explore/secure the site

12:00 Set up and begin to establish camp

18:00 Patrol to pub (To be decided on the day)


07:30 Reveille

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 Roll Call, Kit inspection, Briefing

10:00 Onwards, Training/Rifle & Foot Drill/Tactical training/Assist members arriving

16:00 Class Room session - Hobo Rolls and Improvised Shelter building. 

18:00 Move out and establish a Front Line. Dig in and set up a forward OP.

21:00 Onwards await further orders. Alternating Two man patrol throughout the night.


06:00 Return to Camp

08:30 Reveille
09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Roll Call, Kit inspection, Briefing

11:00 Fire Arms Safety/Blank Weapons Training

12:00 The Battle Window Opens. Split up into two Squads and move into respective possessions.

15:00 Battle Window Closes. Weapons check, secure the Battle ground

18:00 Onward Baseball, Football, Quiz


07:00 Reveille
07:30 Breakfast

09:30 Training/Rifle and Foot Drill/Tactical training

11:30 Start to clean camp and fill in any holes

12:00 Pub Meal or Severn Valley (To be decided on the day)

(12:00 Alternative. We could get in another Battle depending on ammo and timings?)

13:30 End EX

18:00 Site to be vacated and handed over in a respectable condition


Accommodation: Pup Tents/Small Wall primarily. Potential to bivouac down in one of the Out Buildings or a Fox Hole/improvised shelter.

We will be stopping out all night Friday.

Water: Available on site.

Food Menu: £10.00 pp to cover costs if participating. This covers a Cooked Breakfast Friday/Saturday and an evening meal on Saturday.


All guys please try to bring a tin of SPAM for Sunday Breakfast

Thursday Night - Self catering or Pub

Friday Breakfast – Cooked Breakfast

Friday Lunch - Personal Rations

Friday Dinner – Personal Rations (we may be away from camp so insure you pack food)

Saturday Breakfast – Cooked breakfast

Saturday Lunch – Personal Rations

Saturday Dinner – Mystery meat cuisine

Sunday Morning – SPAM and Eggs

Sunday Lunch  – Self catering or Pub

Bring some food and rations to sustain yourself in the field for 24 Hours.

We may be away from camp for extended periods, or dug in on The Line. Make sure you pack enough food to keep you going

Provide own cookers. Keep these above the Grass or dug in below the soil whilst lit

Wartime cookers ONLY.

Hexi/similar on the line/tactical phase.

All Troops please bring to every event regardless: 

1x tin meat or veg for a 2-can 

1x tin for sweet (Rice pudding, peaches, fruit cocktail)

1x tin of Spam hot dog's or corned beef

Coffee or Tea

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.

Alcohol:  Beer club or bring your own

Unit Field Equipment: SCR-300 and Hand Radios

Radios: If you have a Field Telephone and cable please bring. We will be setting up OP's with comms

Unit Weapons: 60mm Mortar, 30cal, B.A.R, Bazooka

Personal Weapons: Firing Authorised. Personal weapons with a copy of Deactivation Certificate and Fire Arms license where applicable.

Weapon Discipline to be maintained at all times. Weapons to be kept unloaded and safe until otherwise instructed

Flysheet: No. We will be setting up a field kitchen in one of the out buildings

Flagpole: No

Signage, etc: Directional signs to camp

Pyros: Yes. Please bring Smoke and Flash bangs if you have them

Toilets: Portaloo on site from Thursday. Provide your own toilet roll & hand sanitizer.

Showers: Yes, There's a Crick running through the site. May be a little cold

Fire: Yes, Primarily in Off ground bucket. Smaller fire pit can be dug away from camp as long as the turf is removed and the fire is contained to stop it spreading. Water/dirt bucket alongside at all times.

Fire Wood: Some available on site, but I encourage all to bring a bag with you

Rubbish: No bins available on site. Bag rubbish/recycle and take home.

Health & Saftey: 

General Order 1: NO SMOKING INSIDE THE MILL OR ANY OF THE OUT BUILDINGS! If you want to smoke, please do it outside. Extinguish buts safely

General Order 2: Shropshire has recently seen temperatures in excess of 40°C. Remember, we will be operating, firing Blanks and lighting fires in/close to fields and grassland. If a fire dose start, all members are to cease what they are going immediately and assist in extinguishing.

Canteens must be filled with Water prior to leaving the camp

Wear Sunscreen where needed and keep hydrated.

Remember those spare Socks

Insurance: Unit PI Insurance cover in place, copy available on request.

First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit M.Spencer. 

PHOTOS: Yes take photos.


Marcus on site from 11:00 Thursday. Mobile 07469 737715

Richard on site from 11:00 Thursday. Mobile 07454 185835

Martyn on site from PM Friday. Mobile 07788 532266

Or keep in touch via Whatsapp

Unit Matters:  Discuss next events.

By order of:

2Lt M.Spencer

E Co/2nd/16/1

Map Key.

Pink - Land boundary
Blue - Ideal Parking
Green - Camp site

Black - Private land
Orange - "The Front Line". Dig in here. Potential to stop out. Mortar/.30 Training range. Plenty of empty space that's out of the away to muck about in.


Red Stars - Two access points, one located on the B4364, and
the other is on Millfields Way (Next to the blue parking box)

Note: The Down Cottage located toward the top of the map is a privately operated B&B guest house. Lets keep a good distance from their garden fence.