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Camp Howard Recon 2021

Warning Order


July 1944 - Normandy


Hyde Farm

Middleton Priors


WV16 6UR

What3Words Grid Reference ///shears.thudding.walked 

Access: Head toward the top of the farm yard. The houses on the Right are privately owned, please avoid parking/unloading on their Drives.

Parking: Parking in Farm yard. Overflow in the filed over the road (TBC)

Uniform & Kit:

M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 Jacket (1st Infantry Division Patch)
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net or without.

Rough-Outs/ Service Shoes with Leggings
Jeep Cap

Garrison Cap

Wool Scarf
Mess kit and KFS

T-Handle or E-Tool
Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and Carlisle pouch.
Personal Weapon & ammo



Dog tags

TL 122 angled flashlight

Notebook and pencil


Open or closed ender pup tent

Tick Replant

No Jump boots

No Modern Tee shirts

No Modern gloves

No Modern torches

No E-cigarettes insight

No beards

No visible piercings or Tattoos

No modern watches

No modern glasses

Mobile phones and modern cameras to be used discreetly

All modern equipment (carrier bags, cool boxes, beer boxes, books, food packaging etc) hidden from sight at all times where possible.

Uniform Standard: Combat Dirty

Personal appearance: Combat Dirty

Weapon: Personal weapons with a copy of the deactivation certificate where applicable. Weapons to be kept unloaded at all times, no firing permitted in or around camp




13:00 Onward Arrival set up camp

16:00 Briefing



07:30 Reveille
08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Briefing

10:00 Training

12:00 Tactical patrol

17:00 Return to camp


07:30 Reveille
08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Morning Briefing

10:00 Light Training

13:00 Endex

16:00 Sight cleared and everyone gone

Accommodation: Pup tents

Water: Available on site.

Food Menu: Please bring £7.00 pp to cover costs if participating
Friday Night – Woz's world-famous Chilli Dog’s

Saturday Breakfast – Cooked breakfast

Saturday Lunch – Personal Rations

Saturday Dinner – Mystery MeatBalls

Sunday Morning – Cooked breakfast

Bring some food and rations to sustain yourself.

Saturday, We may be away from camp for extended periods. Make sure you pack enough food to keep you going

Provide own cookers. Keep these off the ground whilst lit

Wartime cookers ONLY.

Hexi/similar on the line/tactical phase.

All Troops please bring to every event regardless: 

Some bread (Not a modern sliced loaf)

1x tin meat or veg for a 2-can 

1x tin for sweet (Rice pudding, peaches, fruit cocktail)

1x tin of Spam hot dog's or corned beef

Coffee or Tea

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.

Also, needed at every event:

Salt & Pepper

Tomato Sauce & Brown Sauce




Cooking oil

Washing up liquid

Bin bags

Unit Field Equipment: SCR-300

Radios: Yes

Unit Weapons: 30cal + Tripod, B.A.R

Flysheet: Yes

Flagpole: Yes

Signage, etc: Directional signs to camp

Pyros: No

Toilets: Portaloo on site from Friday. Provide your own toilet roll & hand sanitizer.

Showers: No. But water available on site

Fire: Fire in designated off ground locations only. Water/dirt bucket alongside at all times.

Fire Wood: Some fire wood available on site, but please bring a small amount if you can

Rubbish: No bins available on site. Bag rubbish/recycle and take home.

Smokers: When in camp, please discard all cigarette buts in the metal bucket provided

Alcohol:  Yes, bring your own.

Health & Saftey: 

Wear suitable and appropriate footwear and clothing. Inform organiser (M.Spencer)of any medical issues.

Canteens must be filled with Water prior to leaving the camp

We will be setting up camp in a field used by Sheep. They have been fully vaccinated, but Tick levels in Shropshire are currently at Medium. A very limited amount of Tick Replant will be available in camp, all attendees to consider bringing along their own supply just as a precaution.

Wear Sunscreen where needed and keep hydrated.

Insurance: Unit PI Insurance cover in place, copy available on request.

First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit M.Spencer. 

COVID Brief: COVID Brief to be held 16:00 Friday. Observe social distancing and WHO advice.

PHOTOS: Yes take photos.


Richard on site from 11:00. Mobile 07454185835

Marcus on site from 13:00. Mobile 07469 737715

Martyn on site from 13:00

Or keep in touch via Whatsapp

Unit Matters:  Discuss next events.

By order of:

2Lt M.Spencer

E Co/2nd/16/1

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