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RAF Cosford Museum - Vintage and Handmade Festival 2022
 Warning Order



Garrison Camp, England, May 1944

Uniform Standard: Garrison, Clean and Pressed

Personal appearance: Clean shaven.

Site:     Royal Air Force Museum Midlands 

          Lysander Ave



          TF11 8UP

Site rules:

This event is taking place on the grounds of an Active RAF Station.

A site induction and contractor/supplier induction will be provided before the event for everyone to sign


The site gates will be locked between 19:00-07:00 by the RAF Base staff. No access is available to or from the site during these times unless it's an Emergency.

The Unit is being paid to attend this event. Strict Green heads on and keep our high standards at all times during public opening hours.

There's no charge for the museum. I would highly recommend it.

Parking:  Available on-site, not in festival area. 

Access to Site: From Friday 12:00hrs no earlier.

Basic Uniform & kit:

M37 Wool Shirt & Trousers
M41 Jacket (With 1st Infantry Division Patch)
M1 Steel Helmet (3/4" Mesh net optional).

Rough-Outs/Service Shoes with Leggings
Garrison Cap with DUI

Dog tags
Mess kit and KFS

Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and Carlisle pouch

M1928 Pack with Meat Can Pouch

T Handle Shovel
Personal Weapon


TL 122 angled flashlight

Optional boxes for set dressing

Please take note:

No Buckle Boots

No Bloused Jump boots

No Modern Tee shirts

No E-cigarettes insight

No Vaping whilst on duty

No beards

No visible piercings or Tattoos

No modern watches

No modern glasses

Mobile phones and modern cameras to be used discreetly

All modern equipment (carrier bags, cool boxes, beer boxes, books, food packaging, etc) hidden from sight at all times where possible.

Rations and personal items either wrapped in period packaging or used discreetly

Wear headdress at all times(Wear your jeep caps outside pubic hours only)



12:00 – Site available for set up (The museum closes at 17:00. Set up camp and have a bimble?)

17:30 - Evening meal. Police camp

19:00 - Site gates are locked 



07:30 - Reveille and Flag Detail

08:00 – Breakfast served

09:30 – Show opens to the public. Roll call, Uniform Inspection, Briefing

16:30 - Flag Detail

17:00 – Show closes to public

17:30 - Evening meal, wash-up, clean-up and police weapons

19:00 - Gates are locked 


07:30 - Reveille and Flag Detail

08:00 – Breakfast served

09:30 – Show opens to the public. Roll call, Uniform Inspection, Briefing

16:30 - Flag Detail

17:00 – Show closes to public and Endx

19:00 - Site to be vacated by this time 


Unit Kitchen Fly and Cpl Davies Fly Sheet.

Personal Open or closed ender pup tents.

Unit Weapons: 30 cal, Mortar, Bazooka, BAR

Radios: Field telephones and unit SCR300

Flagpole: Yes & Flag

Signage, etc: Sgt Warren's Unit sign

Weapons:  Personal weapons with copy of deactivation certificate.

Water:    Available on Site.

Toilets:  Available on Site

Food:     Friday Night – Two Can or Personal Ration

          Saturday Breakfast – Bring your own (Fried Spam & Eggs if we bring enough to share)

          Saturday Lunch – Personal Rations

          Saturday Dinner – Two Can

          Sunday Morning – Bring your own (Fried Spam & Eggs if we bring enough to share?)

          Sunday Lunch – Personal Rations

Lets try to keep the two can a little edible this time. Canned stewing stake/Corned beef, canned or fresh Veg and Potatoes are preferred.

There is a Café and food vendors available on site


All Troops please bring to every event regardless: 

Some bread (Not a modern sliced loaf)

1x tin Stewing Steak or Corned Beef, and 1 tin of veg for a 2-can 

1x tin for sweet (Rice pudding, peaches)

1x tin of Spam, hot dog's or corned beef

Coffee or Tea

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.


Also, needed at every event:




Cooking oil

Washing up liquid

Bin Bags


Fire: Permitted, but Off the ground and supervised at all times. Extinguisher/water near. Can everyone strive to bring some logs/wood

Rubbish:  Bag rubbish/recycle and take home, you make it you take it home

Alcohol:  Beer club permitted, or personal rations. If in the Beer Club, drink will be pooled then excess shared at end of weekend.

Contact No’s:

Marcus Spencer – 07469 737715 - On Site from 12:00 Onward

Richard Dorricott - 07454185835 - On Site from 12:00 Onward

Or keep in touch via the WhatsApp group

Health & Saftey:


Wear suitable and appropriate footwear and clothing. Inform organiser(M.Spencer) of any medical issues. Wear Sunscreen where needed and keep hydrated.

Insurance: Unit PI Insurance cover in place, copy available on request.

First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit carried by M.Spencer & Rich Sage

Please do not wander off the pitch during show times, instead speak to the senior Non-com/2LT before leaving the pitch. Its a public event so we need guys to show and tell.


Unit Matters:  Next Event



Semper Paratus


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