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Operation Little Big Horn 2020

Warning Order



June 9/10/11 1944.

Clearing Cerisy Forest.


Melbourne Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, LE65 1RS

Leave M/A 42 at junction 13.

Follow the A512 Ashby road towards Coleorton.

Take a left onto the B5324.

Take a left at the junction in the village onto Melbourne Road.

Take a FARM TRACK on the left after 1 mile. (Sign post will be SMALL WHITE ARROW WITH LBH) just After speed change sign.

Turn left at the 1st track junction. Take the left at the 2nd track T junction.

Follow this to the event woodblock.

Axis and US to follow signs.


Head to MAIN CAR PARK, Report to HQ tent.

Dig in at assigned spot



09:00 group leaders arrival.

10:00 onwards arrival main body.

12:00 onwards training/firing allowed at unit discretion. No engagement of opposing forces. No movement to each other’s camps.

16:00 mandatory safety brief at main entrance.

16:30 commence TACTICAL PHASE.

Saturday - full tactical. Overnight stand down see orders of the day at event.

Sunday - ENDEX 14:30. Cleared site and handover by 16:00.


- Friday night - foxholes and shell scrapes for MLR units

- Saturday night - shell scrapes/foxholes OR pup tents

- HQ squad will be billited in SMALL WALL and PUPS all weekend.

- Fly sheet will be up as platoon rest area/shelter.


Provide OWN food and rations.

Provide own cookers.

Wartime cookers ONLY.

Hexi/similar on the line/tactical phase.


There is NO clean water supply on site. We were told this would be ready for us but it is not.

So if possible can EVERYONE bring a JERRY CAN or Container for FRESH DRINKING WATER to the event. These need to be FULL prior to arrival.

Canteens FULL prior to arrival.

Toilets: (main car park)

1X Peat toilet

1X slit trench - we dig!

Provide own BOG ROLL.

Hand sanitizer provided.

Uniform & Kit:


M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 or M43 Jacket 
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net or without.
Jeep Cap

Wool Scarf
Rough-Outs/ Service Shoes or Buckel Boots
Mess kit and KFS

T-Handle or E-Tool
Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and Carlisle pouch.
Personal Weapon & ammo



Dog tags

TL 122 angled flashlight

Rifle grenades

Notebook and pencil



2nd infantry division SSI/no insignia


No Jump boots

No Modern Tee shirts

No Modern gloves

No Modern torches


Pup tent - sat night

Bed roll/foxhole sleeping gear (shelter half/blanket etc)

3 days supply rations/cookers


Weapon- firing preferred


Webbing - to suite primary weapon and include: canteen/cup/pouch, EMPTY first aid pouch

M1928 pack or hobo roll with spares, rations, ETOOL.

Rain coat/poncho.


You all have tactical EXP. so pack to suit. You have 1 night OUT. 1 night easier in a pup.

People to provide:

If anyone has the following can you POST and BRING.

- stretcher

- First aid kit (axis need one also)

Covid Breif:

See separate post INC medical issues. These must be made known to ME and Squad leader.

Saturday night:

Enforced rest for all RE drivers.


Print it. Sign it. Write number on it. Give to me.


Yes take photos.

Liam there from 09:00am tel 07913 773893.

Marcus there from 11:00am tel 07469 737715 or keep in touch on Whatsapp


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