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Operation Reforger 2021

Warning Order



APRIL 16-18 1945
Czech Border, Bohemian Forest.

U.S. 1st and 2nd ID are holding a position on the border to prevent the Axis forces from breaking out to escape Soviet advances and to execute searches for holdouts.


Melbourne Road,


LE65 1RS


Head to MAIN CAR PARK, Report to S/SGT Sargent upon arrival

Dig in at assigned spot

Uniform & Kit:

M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 or M43 Jacket 
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net or without.
Jeep Cap

Wool Scarf
Rough-Outs/Service Shoes with leggings or Buckle Boots
Mess kit and KFS

T-Handle or E-Tool
Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and Carlisle pouch.
Personal Weapon & ammo



Dog tags

TL 122 angled flashlight

Rifle grenades

Notebook and pencil



Open or closed ender pup tent

Optional foxhole sleeping gear (shelter half/blanket etc)

No Jump boots

No Modern Tee shirts

No Modern gloves

No Modern torches

Uniform Standard:

Combat dirty.

Personal appearance:

Combat dirty. 


Firing preferred


Smoke, Bird Scaring Rockets. No flashbang's


No engagement of opposing forces. No movement to each other’s camps until 16:30

09:00 group leaders arrival.

10:00 onwards arrival main body.

12:00 onwards training/firing allowed at unit discretion.

16:00 mandatory safety brief at main entrance.

16:30 commence TACTICAL PHASE. Optional 1 night sleeping out on the MLR.


Full tactical. Overnight stand down see orders of the day at event.


ENDEX 14:30. Cleared site and handover by 16:00.


Friday night - Optional foxholes and shell scrapes for MLR units, or pup tents at the CP.

Saturday night - Stand down Saturday evening. Optional foxholes/shell scrapes or pup tents at the CP.

HQ squad will be billeted in SMALL WALL and PUPS all weekend.

Fly sheet will be up as platoon rest area/shelter.


There is NO clean water supply on site.

So if possible can EVERYONE bring a JERRY CAN or Container for FRESH DRINKING WATER to the event. These need to be FULL prior to arrival.

Canteens FULL prior to arrival.

Modern water containers to be kept out of site


3 Days Self catering 

Provide own food

Provide own cookers.

Wartime cookers ONLY.

Hexi/similar on the line/tactical phase.

          Friday Night – Personal rations

          Saturday Breakfast – Personal rations

          Saturday Lunch – Personal rations

          Saturday Dinner – Two Can

          Sunday Morning – Personal rations

          Sunday Lunch – Personal rations

All Troops please bring to every event regardless: 

Some bread (Not a modern sliced loaf)

1x tin meat or veg for a 2-can

1x tin of Spam, hot dog's, Spam or corned beef


Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.

Also, needed at every event:

Salt & Pepper

Tomato Sauce & Brown Sauce



Cooking oil

Washing up liquid

Bin bags

Camp Fire:

Yes in CP


Fire Wood:

Bring your own​


1X Peat toilet located in the shed on the main car park

1X Optional slit trench if we want to dig it!

Provide own ass wipe.

Provide own Hand sanitizer/soap.

People to provide: 

First aid kit


Yes take photos.

Covid Breif:

GOV.UK guidelines to be followed. Covid brief will be covered at 16:00 Friday during the mandatory safety brief

S/SGT Sargent on site from Friday PM tel 07788532266 or keep in touch via the Whatsapp group

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