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Operation Ridge 2022
Warning Order


Feb 1945

Event Itinerary:
Green heads on from the go. 

Once on site, follow signs to Camp. Typically there will be a couple of guys on duty in the outpost near the road entrance to point you in the right direction. Once parked up, please report directly to the most senior Non-Com or Officer available for instructions. Set-up camp and then who knows, it's Major Field's show. End-X called sometime Sunday Afternoon.

Uniform & Kit:


M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 or M43 Jacket 

Rough-Outs/Service Shoes with M1938 Dismounted Leggings, or Buckle Boots
M1 Steel Helmet and correct war time liner if possible
Jeep Cap

Wool Scarf
Plenty of socks


OD T-Shirt

Wool overcoat
Tankers Jacket


OD Long Johns

Foot Powder


Cartridge belt to suit your weapon

Suspenders/doughboy pack

Personal Weapon & ammo



E-tool/folding or Matlock

M1 Bayonet/M3 fighting knife m8 scabbard


First aid pouch
Mess kit and K,F,S

TL 122 angled flashlight

Notebook and pencil - Optional

Please take note:

No Modern Tee shirts (Plain OD only)

No E-cigarettes insight while on duty

No Vaping whilst on duty

No Grizzly Adams beards (two days growth max)

No Modern/1980's haircuts

No visible piercings

No modern watches

No modern glasses

No Modern flashlights

Mobile phones and modern cameras to be used discreetly.

Phones to be kept on silent/switched off. If you do need to make a phone call do it out of site of the camp/scenario area

All modern equipment (carrier bags, cool boxes, beer boxes, books, food packaging, etc) hidden from sight at all times where possible.

Rations and personal items either wrapped in period packaging or remove labels. If unable to then use discreetly

Uniform Standard: Combat dirty. New guys, don't worry about this, you'll soon get those OD's dirty

Personal appearance: Combat dirty. Two day max stubble

Shelter: Open or closed ender pup tent. Modern sleeping bag permitted as long as it's kept out of site. Extra blankets will come in handy 

Unit Field Equipment:


Weapons: Personal weapons with copy of deactivation certificate where applicable.

Hiring a Blank Firer: Please remember to bring along the required money and ID.

A Fire Arms safety refresher will be given to everyone hiring prior to going into battle.

REMEMBER, you are responsible for this weapon once it has been issued to you. Any mis-use/abuse, and you will be asked to leave the event.

Pyros: Smoke only, NO flashbangs

Camp Fire: Yes. Fire bin and 30cal tin.

Fire Wood: Some available. Can everyone PLEASE try to bring at least 1 bag of Wood/logs or something to keep the fire going?

Water: Available on site. 

Toilets: Slit Trench. Bring your own paper

Showers:  None


          Thursday - Personal Rations

          Friday – Personal rations

          Saturday Breakfast – Spam and Eggs

          Saturday Dinner – 2-Can

          Sunday – Personal rations


All Troops please bring at least one of the following if you can: 

Some bread (Not a modern sliced loaf)

1x Tin Meat (Stewing Steak/Corned Beef), and 1 tin of veg for a 2-can 

1x Tin for sweet (Rice pudding, peaches)

1x Tin of Spam, hot dog's or corned beef



Cooking oil

Washing up liquid

Bin Bags

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.

Rubbish:  Bag rubbish and take home.

Alcohol:  Not Permitted during exercise

Site:     Peak Rail (Rowsley Station) 

          Darley Dale,


          DE2 2LF



Parking: Car park as Jez and MP's instructions. 

Contact No’s:   Marcus Spencer – 07469 737715 (On site from Friday PM)

                Jez Field - 07980 637404
                Alfie Webb - On Site from Thursday 17th

                Or contact through WhatsApp


Health & Safety:    

Risk assessment carried out, Wear suitable and appropriate footwear and clothing. Inform organiser (M.Spencer) of any medical issues. Stay hydrated throughout the day, drink water. Stay warm, extra layers and extra socks


3x whistle or horn blast means real life emergency, all STOP!

Insurance: Unit PI Insurance cover in place for paid up 1st Div LHG members only, copy available on request.

Permissions: Arranged through Major Field, any queries ref back to Jez

First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit carried


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