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Tankfest 2017

Warning Order

Scenario: June 7th 1944, front line positions few miles inland from Omaha Beach, near to Colleville. 



M37 Wool shirt & Pants
M41 Jacket (Patch or no patch, does not matter)
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net OR 1/4" British helmet net.
M1938 Dismounted Leggings
Service Boots (Only wear roughouts if you DO NOT have service boots)
Rubber Assault Gas mask bag
M1928 Haversack without your mess kit, extra K/ C rations and ammo.
M1928 T Handle OR M43 Folding E Tool
Belt to suit weapon, with canteen on back right and carlisle pouch on the back left, as per manual.
Personal Weapons
Pocket litter, rations, letters, etc.
Spent ammunition

- No Life belts
- No Lightweight Gas Mask bags
- No Poncho
- No Buckle Boots


Uniform Standard: Clean.


Shelter:  Bring your own tent and plastic camp or pup tent and camp on display, or sleep in foxhole.


Weapons:  Personal weapons with copy of deactivation certificate.


Pyros:    None permitted

Blank firer: We have 5xP17 to use for the battle, please bring photo ID, proof of address and any spare blank rounds you might have.

Flag pole: No

Fire:     No


Fire Wood: No

Water:    Available on site.


Toilets:  Available on site.

Showers:  Available on site.


Food:     Friday Night – Hot Dog’s or personal rations

          Saturday Breakfast – Personal rations

          Saturday Lunch – Personal rations

          Saturday Dinner – 2-can/Personal rations/29th Meal deal (Bring your own plate)

          Sunday Morning – Personal rations

          Sunday Lunch – Personal rations

Food Cost: N/A - personal rations 

Rubbish:  Bag rubbish and take to skip on site.


Alcohol:  Permitted, Personal Ration


Site:     The Tank Museum

          Linsay Road,



          BH20 6JG

























As per directions detailed in entrance pack, sent to you this week. 

Contact No’s:  Marcus Spencer – 07469 737715


Health & Safety:    


Risk assessment carried out, Wear suitable and appropriate footwear and clothing. Inform organiser (M.Spencer) of any medical issues. Stay hydrated throughout the day, drink water. Where sunscreen even on overcast days.


Insurance:  Unit PI Insurance cover in place, copy available on request.


Permissions:  Observe site rules


First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit carried by M.Spencer



Fri 23 June 17

1000hrs – All reenactor group members arrive at the Tank Museum

1015 – 1100hrs – Briefing in the arena

1100 – 1130hrs – Pyrotechnic safety brief

1130 – 1230hrs – rehearsals with coaching from the Arcs of Fire Pyrotechnic team

1230 – 1330hrs – Lunch

1330 – 1430hrs – Dress rehearsals

1500 – 1530hrs – Final dress rehearsal with vehicles, conducted in front of Preview Day guests




07:30 – Reveille

08:00 – Breakfast

08:30 – Roll call& briefing

10:00 - Show open to public

17:30 – Show closes to public



07:30 – Reveille

08:00 – Breakfast

08:30 – Roll call & briefing

10:00 – Show open to public

17:30 - Show closes to public 


Unit Matters:  None.


Semper paratus


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