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Task force Ripple: Kommerscheidt
Warning Order



US 28th Inf Div - Holding the Kommerscheidt pocket in an attempt to withdraw to the MLR.

Axis forces - Prevent an allied withdrawal while reducing the pocket.

Expect to spend an extended time away from camp in Fox Holes or on patrol Friday. Pack enough rations to last 24 hours. Best to bring a Hoboroll just in case. Better to have and not needed, than need and not have

Jeeps are available if guys opt to return to camp. Additionally, guys are free to stay in camp.


Pikes Pool Encampment

Pikes Pool Ln



B60 1LJ

Actions on arrival:
Enter at your designated camp gate. Drop off kit to your rear line. Move car to main car park. Return to your camp by any means. Deploy as ordered.


Rank ONLY as per ORBAT when out. 
Green vest/oatmeal base layer
Wool shirt
Wool trousers
M41, M43 or Tankers Jacket
Buckle boots or Roughout/Service Shoes with leggings
M1 helmet

Jeep Cap

Overcoat, R
aincoat, Poncho
HBTS may be worn over wools.

Cartridge or pistol belt to suit primary weapon carried. (Pistol belt if using a GSG MP40)
Canteen with cup in pouch.
First aid pouch - empty. Content to be issued.
E Tool/T Handel Shovel/Pick Mattock. These will be needed by all. 
Bayonet or fighting knife.
Gas mask of General Purpose Ammo bag (or both) 
M1928/M1910 Havesack for Infantry 
Musette bag Only to be used by Officers, Squad Leader and drivers.

Uniform Standard:

Combat dirty.

Personal appearance:

Combat dirty. Three day stubble maximum.

Weapon in order of preference:
US firing
Axis firing
British/wartime firing
US deac


Smoke, Bird Scaring Rockets. No flashbangs


No engagement of opposing forces until authorised 

09:00 Command arrives to set up and sort access

10:00 Onwards rest can arrive

14:00 Commander and safety brief. Props and doc issued.
15:00 Start Tactical phase
21:00 Ceasefire time tbc. Expect night patrols etc.


Full tactical. Fire times tbc hoping 08:00-20:00. Enforced stand down Saturday night to allow sleep for drive home.

08:00 Prep for battle

4:30 ENDEX

16:00 Site cleared and handover


Pup tents or foxholes

1 communal fly sheet provided with stove as Troop shelter

Pup tents will remain in camp rear line area.
Foxholes are upslope a short distance. 


Available on site.

Canteens FULL prior to arrival and moving out.

Modern water containers to be kept out of site


3 Days Self catering

Possible Spam and Eggs for Breakfast if we provide them

Provide own food

Provide own cookers.

Wartime cookers ONLY.

Hexi/similar on the line/tactical phase.

          Friday Night – Personal rations

          Saturday Breakfast – Spam and Eggs/Personal rations

          Saturday Lunch – Personal rations

          Saturday Dinner – Southern Beans if there's enough time to make. If not then a 2 can

          Sunday Breakfast – Spam and Eggs/Personal rations

          Sunday Lunch – Personal rations

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.

Camp Fire:

Yes in CP. Bring a Fire bin if you have one

Fire Wood:

Bring your own​


Facilities are available on site. Please bring own TP just in case

Provide own Hand sanitizer/soap.

Showers available on site

People to provide: 

First aid kit

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