Victory Show 2019

Warning Order




The 30th Division around August 1944 engaged in the Falaise pocket. The plan is to all march onto the display and set-up a frontline position of a mortar crew, 30cal crew, and comms. we will then spend the day digging in and repelling enemy attacks.


Uniform & kit:



M37 Wool Shirt & Pants
M41 Jacket (With 30th Div Patch, No 1st Div Patch on show please)
M1 Steel Helmet with 3/4" Mesh net or without.

Garrison Cap
M1938 Dismounted Leggings
Roughout Boots or service shoes
M1928 Haversack with mess kit and KFS

T-Handle & cover

Belt to suit weapon, with canteen and carlisle pouch
Personal Weapon

Gas mask bag

Dog tags

Wash kit


Uniform Standard: Combat dirty.


Personal appearance: 2-days max. shaving


Please take note, to maintain our high standards:


No Buckle Boots

No Jump boots

No Modern Tee shirts

No E-cigarettes in sight

No beards

No visible piercings  

Mobile phones and modern cameras to be used discreetly

No eating modern food on the display

All Modern equipment (carrier bags, cool boxes, beer boxes, books, food packaging etc)hidden from sight at all times where possible.

Rations and personal items either wrapped in period packaging or used discreetly



Steve, please bring your fly-sheet for storage, etc.

Brian, can you bring your fly-sheet also


Unit Field Equipment: None,no kitchen kit coming to this event.


Field Equipment: sandbags to full during the day, spent cases, foxhole litter, old tin cans, cigarette packest, etc. 30 cal tins.


Radios:   No


Flagpole: Yes


Signage, etc: Not required


Weapons:  Personal weapons with copy of deactivation certificate. 


Unit Weapons: 30 cal. Mortar, BAR (Tony can you bring), grenade launcher Woz? Steve can you bring for ammo vest for mortar team/30 cal team 


Water:    Available on Site.


Toilets:  Available on Site


Showers:  None


Food:     Friday Night – Woz's world-famous Chilli Dog’s TBC 

          Saturday Breakfast – Personal Rations

          Saturday Lunch – Personal Rations, eat on display GI style if possible

          Saturday Dinner – BBQ

          Sunday Morning – Cooked breakfast

          Sunday Lunch – Personal Rations, eat on display GI style if possible


Food: Self cater


All Troops please bring to every event regardless: 


Some bread (Not a modern sliced loaf)

1x tin meat or veg for a 2-can 

1x tin for sweet (Rice pudding, peaches)

1x tin of Spam, hot dog's or corned beef

Coffee or Tea

Please remove modern labels and/or relabel if possible.


Also, needed at every event:


Salt & Pepper

Tomato Sauce & Brown Sauce




Cooking oil

Washing up liquid


Fire:     No open fires, fire bucket off the ground (50 cal tin)or Steve's Olive Oil Tin. Water bucket alongside at all times.


Fire Wood: Bring small amounts of firewood enough for  2-nights worth (Friday & Saturday).


Rubbish:  Bag rubbish/recycle and take home.


Alcohol:  Permitted, Personal Ration enough to share, drink will be pooled then excess shared at end of weekend.


Site:     The Victory Show,

          Foxlands Farm,



          LE9 1SG



Parking:  Parking in re-enactors car park after you have booked in and obtained your wrist band. We will try and get in the same area as last year (field to right as you come in, where the caravans are, look out for our flagpole)


Camping: Green camping in plastic tent area

Access to Site: From Friday, Book in at main entrance to obtain your wristband, we are under Pete Skilman's group for this event, World War 2 Allies in Europe (2AiE). Check covering email for your allocated name as you may have to use someone else's name to get in.


Contact No’s: Marcus Spencer – 07469 737715


Pyros: Yes permitted (Smoke grenades if you have them)


Blank Firers: Yes if taking part in the battle, you will need your own ammo.


Health & Saftey:


Wear suitable and appropriate footwear and clothing. Inform organiser(M.Spencer) of any medical issues. Wear Sunscreen where needed and keep hydrated.


Insurance: Unit PI Insurance cover in place, copy available on request.


First Aid:  Modern First Aid kit carried by T.Atherton & M.Spencer


Training Schedule: None, this is a combat scenario event, time to use that training.


Off Duty Entertainment: Drinking and socializing


Weekend Programme: 


            Friday – Establish camp - (Off Duty)




            07:30 – Reveille

            08:00 – Breakfast

            09:30 – Roll call & briefing

            10:00 - Show opens to the public

            17:00 – Show closes to the public

            17:30 - Evening meal, wash-up, clean-up and police weapons

            18:30 - Off duty




            07:30 – Reveille

            08:00 – Breakfast

            09:30 – Roll call & briefing

            10:00 – Show opens to the public

            17:00 - Show closes to the public and we help our hosts pack up don't jump in your cars and leave, we are guests for this event.



Please do not wander off the pitch during show times, instead speak to the Sgt/LT before leaving the pitch.


Unit Matters:  Next year's events.


By order of:


2Lt M.Spencer

E Co/2nd/16/1



Semper paratus