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M1937 Enlisted Mans Wool Shirt

What is it?

This is a standard wool shirt worn by US soldiers
in WW2. Every GI would be issued with two, but you
only need one. Like the trousers, and M41 Jacket  the wool shirt is another essential part of your uniform

They were worn in combat under the Field Jacket, but where also worn with the Service Uniform ( Also known as the Class A Uniform), typically joined with a Khaki tie.
The shirt is in Olive Drab wool, and has two button down breast pockets. It comes in two types - “regular” and “special”. The special ones were most common after D Day as they included extra material behind the buttons and gussets that acted as a “Gas flap” to protect the soldier’s skin against chemicals.

Unit patches where at times worn on the shirt, but it wasn't uncommon for senior NCO's (Non commissioned Officers) to sew their rank onto the sleeves.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when buying

Enlisted men’s shirts did not have epilets on the shoulders

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