Video Clips

1st Infantry Division LHG - Short film


This is the finished project of our short film that the 1st ID group were working on in collaboration with The short film follows a 1st Div rifle squad moving up to the MLR (main line of resistance) and advancing from the jump off point towards the sounds of enemy artillery. 

Bovington Tankfest 2015


This video was recorded by one of our members using a GoPro camera during the battle at Tankfest on the second day of the event.We are trying to use these cameras more often to get more footage from events that the unit attends.

Bovington Tankfest 2015 - Made with idp-films.

The short film shows footage of our display at Tankfest 2015 and members of the unit occupying foxholes. The setup here was portraying 1st ID's positions in 
Normandy on D-Day +16

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