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WWII US Army Infantry

 Quartermaster Corps

This section lists the required uniforms and equipment for a proper WWII US Infantry impression in the European Theater of Operations (ETO).

E Company's impressions are divided into time periods which roughly correspond to the time at which the items listed could be expected to be in use by front-line combat troops.

These time periods are:

Early-war:  November 1942 through May 1944 (Pre D-Day)
Mid-war:    June 1944 through August-September 1944
Late-war:   August-September 1944 through May 1945

Please click on each of the images below for more information on each impression

Combat Uniform
Late War
Late 44.jpg
Service Uniform
M1941 Garrision
Herringbone Twill (HBT) Fatigues
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