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Epic Militaria

Soldier of Fortune - Suppliers of genuine, refurbished & replica World War Two headgear
Signs of War - vintage street and military signs
Military Helmet Decals - without doubt the best helmet decals on the market


Resource Sites
Historic UK - The History and Heritage Accommodation Guide 
Wehrmacht History - Focusing on German military vehicles, planes, ships & weapons 1935 to '45
'Remember-44' - a good French resource site
History of War online - a useful site dedicated to the
the promotion of military history
Clash of steel - A site devoted to military history
Classic Military Vehicle - magazine & website devoted to military vehicles
Skirmish - The world's leading living history and re-enactment magazine

Armchair General Magazine


General Reenactment Sites


Nick Halling Photography
Stuart Gould Photography


Re-enactment Societies
The 39-45 Living History Society


UK based Axis Groups:



Grossdeutschland Aufklärungsgruppe Living History Group

2/Kp Panzer Grenadier Regt GD - UK
Kampfgruppe Sud - 2nd Kompanie, 1st SS Div. L.A.H.
Das Heer Living History Society
Second Battle Group - Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler
Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82
FJR6 - 6 Kompanie


  UK based Allied Groups:


514th Q.M. Truck Regiment


2nd Guards Rifle Division


Home Front
The Home Front Friends


Scale Modeling
Fantastic site dedicated to 1/6th scale models and dioramas



Pen and Sword Books - one of the UK's leading military history publishers



Springsslade Lodge (A favourite training area/campsite for our group)





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