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M1910 Canteen Cover

What is it?


The canteen is a standard bit of kit for the GI. It holds both the stainless steel Canteen and cup

As with the ammunition belt, the cover was first
tan / OD3 shade. Later war issue was produced produced in the darker OD7 shade

The canteen was typically worn towards the rear of
the belt, resting on the back of the hip.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War

Things to note when buying

Darker OD7 belts were late war issue, you are better to get the older tan OD 3 cover.


Originals and Reoprs are readily available

Interesting Fact

The inside of the Canteen cover was typically lined with a thick wool. This was primarily to stop the content on the canteen from freezing during winter manoeuvres

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