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Garrison Cap

What is it?


It was the standard head cover that was issued and generally worn around camp and on occasions where the helmet was not necessary.

This item of headgear was made in olive drab wool serge. The edges of the cap sported a coloured trim that depicted which area of service you belonged to.

Light Blue represented Infantry

Enlisted men tended to wear a lighter shade of olive drab (similar in shade to the trousers), whilst officers where darker(OD51).

In the ETO you tended to see two types of Garrison Cap.

The Issued version - This had an expanding box pleat in the top, giving it a rounded corner. This is the preferred pattern for the D-Day period we depict.

The PX Version - They where made of the same material as the Issue cap, but this model could be purchased from a Postal Exchange (Hence PX Garrison Cap). It sported a more rectangular and sharper appearance than the issued.

Most caps were left plain, but soldiers were allowed to wear their regimental pin badge on it.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War

War Things to note when buying

We are part of an infantry division, so any cap you get will need to have light blue piping on it


If you use a pin badge for this, it should be the US 16th Inf Regiment

Both the issued and PX caps can be purchased as reproductions


Originals are preferred if you can get hold of one cheap enough, as reproductions tend to vary in quality, some being the wrong material, too tall and don't shape well.

Interesting Fact

Garrison Cap colour braids include 

Infantry (includes paratroopers)- Blue
Artillery - Red
Armour - Green/White
Tank Destroyer - Black/Orange
Air Corps - Yellow/Blue
Engineer - Red/White
Medical - Burgundy/White
Warrant Officer - Silver/Black
Officer - Gold/Black

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