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M1943 Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm

What is it?


The infantryman’s gloves were developed in 1942 and issued as part of the M1943 combat uniform. They consisted of an olive drab wool outer, with a leather palm.


What impression can I use this with?

Late War


Things to note when buying

The gloves themselves are not particularly warm,
but they are good when used with a pair of glove
liners (available in most outdoor stores)


There are other tan / yellow gloves issued by the
Army but avoid these as they were for the
Paratroopers only. Similarly, the full brown
leather gloves were for the air crews


Standard issue knitted wool OD gloves make a good liner.

Interesting Facts

Although these gloves where issued to Infantry, they where extremity cumbersome when it came to loading and operation of the M1 Rifle.

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