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M1928 Haversack

What is it?


The M1928 Haversack was based off the earlier M1910 version. It was standard issue to Infantry for the duration of the War. Officers, Engineers, Paratroops, and Medics were issued the M-1936 Musette Bag


The M-1928 haversack did not go into production until 1940, and the older M1910 version continued to be issued until stocks were exhausted

The pack was designed to clip onto the Cartrage/web belt, but unless you
were marching in a non-combat area, this was very impractical. Enterprising GI’s
found ways to hook the straps through the button holes and carry the pack like a standard


Meat can and utensils where stored in the detachable meat can pouch in the front

Underneath this pouch is the attachment point for the M1910 Entrenching Tool Cover.

The rifle bayonet was typically held at the side of the pack, and bedroll, or a raincoat could
be strapped around the side of it.

What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War

Things to note when buying

Darker OD7 belts were late war issue, you are better to get the older tan OD 3 cover.


Originals and Reoprs are readily available

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