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M6 Gas Mask Carrier

What is it?

For a significant part of WW2, it was unclear if either side would use poison gas or other chemicals in order to gain an advantage.

As a result, the Army required soldiers to carry masks with them into combat.

In the event, neither armies employed the use of chemicals, and the equipment was surplus.

What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War

Late War

Things to note when buying

Reproductions can vary in quality and are often of an incorrect shade. If you can find an original at a good price, be sure to pick it up

The packs are great for doing as the GI’s did - carrying cans of food, ammo and any other kit you need. They are a good piece of kit to get as you will benefit greatly from the extra space


The plastic carriers are only used for D-Day impressions.

Interesting Fact

The vast majority of GI’s ditched their gas masks but kept the bag, as it came in handy for carrying extra rations and supplies items, as well as providing storage for liberated alcohol. 

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