Raincoat, Synthetic, Dismounted

What is it?

For most of the war, the M1938 Dismounted raincoat was the standard issue. It was made of heavy duty rubberised canvas and had a back cape, with a button up front.

The coats were purposefully large so they could be worn over the top of packs and webbing.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War

Things to note when buying

Originals can be very expensive and the rubber
may have hardened or rotted.


There are a good supply of reproduction raincoats on the market, but can be a bit expensive.

You want these to fit over layers of uniform, or webbing and still have the ability to move comfortably. Buy a minimum of two sizes larger.

Interesting Facts

It has been known that a G.I would ditch their shelter half, and would just use a raincoat for shelter. This was mainly done to remove extra weight form the M1928 Haversack.