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Winter Combat Jacket

What is it?

The US Tank crews were initially
outfitted just like infantry. However, it
was felt that the uniform was somewhat

Work was undertaken to improve the M1941
field jacket and this was the result.

With a zip front, warm wool liner, elasticated
cuffs and waist, these jackets were far more

Many GI’s took a liking to this jacket and got hold of one when they could.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when buying

There are two models of jacket. The only notable differences where the pockets. The second pattern was the most common

Not every single GI would have these. Whilst it’s fine and accurate to purchase and wear one, care should be taken to liaise when and where you will wear it so as to not have a unit full of them.

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