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Enlisted Mans Waist Belt

What is it?

Every soldier was issued one of these M1937 Web waist belts.
At 1 1/4 inch width, the belt had a metal
tip and an "open face" buckle, which is a design still in service today.

While "Closed face buckles", akin to those worn
by officers, were sold at the PX (Postal Exchange), we insist on the "open face" type, which was more typical of the type issued to the enlisted man.

The original belts were tan colour, but as the war progressed, darker shades were


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when buying


Reproductions of these belts are cheaply available at most re-enactment stores

The French Military used a buckle that was identical to the U.S model

I recommend that you purchase one from WPG. They use the French surplus buckle, and a good quality thick webbing.

The end of the belt should neatly tuck behind one of the trouser loops, so be prepared to trim it to get the right look

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