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Wool Jumper

What is it?


The woollen jumper or high neck sweater was
brought into service in 1942 and replaced both
a turtle neck and V neck variant.

It was very versatile, with five buttons at the
front, allowing it to be buttoned up in harsh
weather for extra warmth, or the collar relaxed
in milder conditions.

The elasticated cuffs and waist also helped
retain warmth and coupled with the vest, shirt,
jacket and overcoat helped created a good
layered level of warmth for the soldier.

Although not mandatory, we would highly recommend that you purchase one after the standard uniform,
especially as some of our events take place in
early/late year.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when buying

Green only. Post war issues where made from Brown wool. and are incorrect for your impression.

Reproductions are pretty good quality and will serve you well.

As of 2020 the version that SOF sell comes up about 2 sizes smaller than labelled.

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