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Overcoat, Wool

What is it?

The wool overcoat was an essential part of the winter uniform for the GI. It was first issued in 1927, featured double breasted buttons, notched lapel and roll collar.


Original coats before the war had brass buttons, but due to the need to conserve material, experiments were made by using re-purposed wool as well as WWI buttons, or an olive drab plastic button.

The plastic variant became more and more common

In 1945, an additional feature of an anchor button onthe inside left facing was added.

A cotton variant with wool liner was designed during the war, but production was stopped as the development of the M43 field jacket took precedence. Production was re-started in 1944, but the coat did not see use
in WW2.


What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when buying

Beware not to purchase a British Great coat. They may look similar, but there are very subtle differences.

The French Army Wool Overcoat is am almost identical copy. They tend to sell for much less that the U.S version. The buttons will need replacing if buying one

The reproductions, although good, are expensive. You can come across originals at a cheaper price.

Insignia and rank can be sewn onto the overcoat if required.

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