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M1937 Wool Trousers

What is it -
This is a standard wool trousers worn by US soldiers in WW2. Every GI would be issued two pairs, but you only need one for now.
They were worn in combat, but also with the Class A uniform, although the Class A uniform expects the trousers to be ironed with a crease.

Originals where made of 18-ounce serge wool, and have two side seam pockets, a watch pocket on the right front waistband and two rear hip pockets. They fasten with five buttons up the front.

The cut of the wool trousers was improved following combat experience in North
Africa, the most notable being the increase of the seat by two inches and the addition of an anti-gas flap across the fly. Later runs had flaps covering the rear pocket opening.

What impression can I use this with -
Early War
Mid War
Late War

Things to note when buying -
As with the field jacket, these will get roughed around and dirty, so a reproduction pair of trousers will be fine

For combat, the baggier the trousers, the better as you will need the freedom
to move
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