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M1938 Dismounted Canvas Leggings

What is it -
The canvas leggings were standard issue
for the US combat infantryman in WW2.

They were worn over the trousers and boots and were notoriously difficult to put on and slow to get off. However, they are an iconic part of the uniform for a GI in Western Europe during 1944/45.

Although these were replaced in part by the buckle boot later in the war, examples of men wearing them can be seen until the end of the war.

They came in various sizes (size 1 to 5)

What impression can I use this with -
Early War
Mid War
Late War

Things to note when buying -

NEVER buy Repro's. You can usually pick up an original pair online from anywhere between £15-20

Buy a size 3R. This will fit 99% of people.

Buy yourself a couple of spare sets of laces too as they will quickly wear out
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