U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30 M1

The M1 carbine was originally intended as a replacement for the pistol normally carried by soliders such as drivers, radiomen, officers, etc. In practice, many soldiers wanted a carbine because of its small size and light weight.

Although listed as .30 caliber, the M1 carbine round is nothing like the M1 Garand round, and in fact is little more than a high-powered pistol cartridge.

The carbine pictured below has the WWII style rear sight, stock and "2 rivet" handguard. WWII carbines did not have the bayonet lug attached. Also shown are the standard 15 round magazines and ammo pouches. The magazines at the left are still in their protective paper covering. Also note the standard-issue khaki web sling.

Operation: M1, M1A1 Semi-automatic.


Length: 35.65 in. (905 mm)


Weight unloaded: 5 lb 7 oz (2.48 kg)


Barrel: 18 in. 4 grooves, right hand twist

Magazine: 15 or 30 round detachable box

Muzzle: velocity 1990 fps, 967 ft-lbs.

Rate of Fire: M2 on full auto, 650-700rpm 300 yds: 1035 fps, 262 ft-lbs

Ammunition: 108 gr bullet, 13 gr charge, US Service M1

Effective Range: 300 yds

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