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M1941 Field Jacket

What is it?

This is the standard field jacket used by US Army combat infantrymen in WW2.

The M41 jacket is probably the second most iconic part of the GI's gear, and the one that you will be weaning the most when on a green weekend

The M41 jacket was commonly seen in the ETO until autumn / winter 1944, but units can be seen wearing the jacket through to the end of the war.

The jackets has a zipped front, with button storm flap. The shell is cotton and is thinly lined with wool

Divisional insignia was commonly worn one inch from the top of the left sleeve.

Rank stripes were worn on the upper arm below the insignia

What impression can I use this with?

Early War
Mid War
Late War


Things to note when looking for an M1941 Field Jacket


I would suggest always buying a repro M41 as originals can go for ridiculous prices online and I wouldn't want to go ruining an original M41 at an even given the amount of crawling through muck and scrub that we usually do.

You’ll want a 1st Infantry Division shoulder patch to go with it. Get this as a cut edge (not sewn edge) if possible

As you are a new recruit, you will not need any rank insignia

Interesting Facts

The OD3 colour of the M41 often stood out in the dense wooded areas of Europe. This would make a G.I an easy target for German snipers. As a quick fix Soldiers tended to wear the jacket inside out, as the wool liner was a darker, allowing for better camouflage while in the field.

Throughout the course of WWII, many different civilian companies where issued contracts to make the M1941 Field Jacket. Different quantities of dye and mixes where employed by each manufacturer, resulting in many different shades of OD3. It's not uncommon to see a lighter coloured field jacket next to a darker one. This is still the case today with modern reproduction jackets.

Things to nore when looking for an M41 Jacket
What impression can I use this with?
What is it?
Interesting Facts
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